LINE HELLO BT21- Cute bubble-shooting puzzle game! MOD APK Crack Premium New Full Version Free Download

LINE HELLO BT21- Cute bubble-shooting puzzle game MOD APK Crack Premium New Full Version Free Download

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LINE HELLO BT21- Cute bubble-shooting puzzle game! MOD APK Crack Pro Full Version

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LINE HELLO BT21- Cute bubble-shooting puzzle game MOD APK Crack Premium New Full Version Free Download

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LINE HELLO BT21- Cute bubble-shooting puzzle game! Cracked New Version Download

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LINE HELLO BT21- Cute bubble-shooting puzzle game! MOD APK Pro New Version Download

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Season 2 BT21’s Operation Popomon Clean Up!
The BT21 members have been trying their best to achieve Universtardom!
But one day, a bunch of dodgy dandelions (Popomons) showed up out of nowhere!
Are the BT21 members going to be able to clean up the Town that was messed up by the Popomons and become Universtars?

Game Introduction
– Stages with a variety of obstacles including Milk, Boxes, Ice, and Slimes make play fun and exciting!
– Easy to play! Playable one-handed, flinging bubbles at a touch is hyper-refreshing!
– The Cute BT21 characters have Skills that will help you in the stages!

Story Missions:
– Clear stages and collect Story Keys!
– Clear Story Missions with the Story Keys you’ve collected and clean up the Town!
– Clear all the Story Missions for each Chapter and you’ll get awesome gifts!

– Find and tap a talkative friend from the forest LEAF in Town to get a BT21 illustration!
– Clear Story Missions and make your own wonderful Town!

How to Play
– Throw bubbles and line up 3 of the same type to pop them! It’s easy!
– Match 4 to make explosives bubbles that match the type of bubble! Blast away for even more fun!
– If you can complete your mission by the time you run out of bubbles, you’ll clear the stage!
– Use lots of explosive bubbles and your Rainbow Ball gauge will fill, and when it fills up all the way, you’ll be able to make a Rainbow Ball that lets you destroy all the bubbles of a type of your choice!
– If you can make lots of Rainbow Balls, victory is practically yours! Shoot your bubbles well to make explosive bubbles and go for those Rainbow Balls! Rainbow Balls take the excitement to the max!

What is BT21?
BT21 is a group of characters loved around the world that were born from the LINE FRIENDS! Their LINE stickers are also a hit!
Each of the 8 cute characters of KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY, VAN has their own distinct characteristics, and they all come together to form the amazing BT21!

Character Introduction
■ KOYA’s relations
– KOYA: A smart sleepyhead
– BAEBY: An unbearably cute friend from the forest
– TOLL: An upbeat friend from the forest
– LEAF: A talkative friend from the forest
– MOYA: A brainiac with something a little off

■ RJ’s relations
– RJ: The cute king of the gourmets
– RA: A loving husband and model father
– Rㄱ: An elegant master chef
– RK: An innocent boy loved by all
– DJ: An uptight and sarcastic guy

■ SHOOKY’s relations
– SHOOKY: A round little trickster
– MUSTASHU: A mild-mannered patissier
– SPOOKY: Bad boy of the oven

■ MANG’s relations
– MANG: A mysterious dancing machine
– CONN: The dance mentor of legend
– GWANG: The lonely no. 2 dancer

■ CHIMMY’s relations
– CHIMMY: An innocent hard-worker
– CHIEF: An honest guy with a sharp tongue
– HAPPY KIDDOS: The neighborhood kids

■ TATA’s relations
– TATA: A curious and airheaded prince
– FAFA: King of Planet BT
– TUTU: A greedy and elitist prince
– TITI: A reliable princess loved by all

■ COOKY’s relations
– COOKY: Looks like a heart from behind but is actually quite muscular
– C-GUL: A buff boxer with issues
– JOOKY: A simple childhood friend
– IAN: A good friend who tends to hide

– VAN: A space pilot guardian

Recommended to:
– Anyone who likes BT21!
– People who enjoy thrilling puzzle games!
– People who enjoy LINE games!
– People who enjoy shooting puzzle games!
– People who are looking for puzzle games that you can play a lot for free!
– People who want to kill time with a fun and easy-to-play casual puzzler!
– People who like games that have towns, houses, gardens, etc. that you fix and decorate!
– People who want to play a simple and easy-to-play shooting puzzle game!

Enjoy Hello BT21 together with your friends!
Update 2.3.0
– New events
– New items
– Bugs fixed
– Other adjustments

LINE HELLO BT21- Cute bubble-shooting puzzle game! MOD APK Pro New Version Download

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