Just Survive FPS: Raft Survival Island Simulator MOD APK Crack Premium Latest Full Version Download

Just Survive FPS Raft Survival Island Simulator MOD APK Crack Premium Latest Full Version Download

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Just Survive FPS: Raft Survival Island Simulator is an Android application that sham support your sham in unknown life. simple way, just download Just Survive FPS: Raft Survival Island Simulator MOD new Version next install this application next you can use it.

Just Survive FPS: Raft Survival Island Simulator MOD APK Crack Premium Full Version

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Just Survive FPS Raft Survival Island Simulator MOD APK Crack Premium Latest Full Version Download

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Just Survive FPS: Raft Survival Island Simulator Cracked Latest Version Download

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Just Survive FPS: Raft Survival Island Simulator MOD APK Premium Latest Version Download

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Just Survive FPS is an free fps realistic survival sandbox mobile game that is packed with action and adrenaline. On this remote and post-apocalyptic island, your only goal is to survive. And there is a lot of threats, that will try to stop you from achieving this goal from hunger and dehydration to dangerous wildlife and other mysterious dangers.

Explore the Apocalyptic Wilderness and Island
Explore new sandbox wildernes and its dangers. Careful this island have bear, wolf, boar, deer, cannibal and zombies. Explore and rule the aprocalyptic island! Survive this dangerous world. Explore with Raft or any other tool. After 15 Days there will be more dangers in this island. Outlast the every other survivor before you came.

Build Shelter or Huge Fortress Base
You can start surviving by builting simple shelter than you can make it bigger and make it your own big base. You can contain your loots here. Careful against other survivor but most importantly MONSTERS AT NIGHT! But beware of your worst enemy – rust and decay. In this last days on earth, you will need to maintain your structures to protect them from rust and defend them against your enemies.

Craft 100+ Items
Game has a lot different items. You can craft tools to gather, or make weapons to fight. Dismantle parts you don’t need. Make better armor and equip it for your survival. Use your anvil to repair your items, or clean the rust of weapons. Crafting is most important thing in this survival world.

Hunt Wild Animals and Dangerous Creatures
Wild Animal are dangerous but also very important for your survival. You can skin bear to get leather or most importantly for food. Not everything in this island are animal. Careful against cannibal and mutant type zombies. Loot their food and weapon chests to upgrade yourself. Sometimes they contain build parts, tools, armors and weapons! Hunt Wild Animal before they hunt you. Shelter can protect you from this apocalyptic wild wilderness

Day & Night Cycle
This is a realistic world simulator, so plan your movements by time. You can hide in caves or explore ocean by using raft. Don’t try to tame everything. You will have realistic fps apocalyptic realistic sandbox survival island experience. Don’t be hopeless.

Gather Resources for Crafting
Get your tool pickaxe to hunt resources and try to mine Metal Ore, Sulfur Ore or simply Stone. You craan get log piles by using Tool Axe. Don’t forget wearing your base armor because you can’t know which animal, creatures or cannibal try to attack you.

Survival Tips:
– Build base or shelter to prevent raids and isolate yourself from dangerous environment.
– Always loot animals, cannibal, zombie, survivor, monster or creatures.
– Always Equip Best Armors to Survive.
– Anvil is placable in shelter or base. Anvil is for repair items, tool or weapon.
– Craft is part of the survival so crafting is important for your survival.

– Download Just Survive FPS: Raft Survival Island Simulator – new realistic ark fps action packed zombie shooter survival raft simulator and strategy fps game today and begin your survival adventure now.

İmportant Notes:
Game is not have multiplayer pvp yet. Don’t ask or expect multiplayer pvp from this game or any online features yet. Just Survive is a only sandbox singleplayer survival game. This game is not associated with Rust.

Just Survive FPS: Raft Survival Island Simulator MOD APK Premium Latest Version Download

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