Chess King (Learn Tactics & Solve Puzzles) MOD APK Crack Pro Latest Full Version Download

Chess King Learn Tactics Solve Puzzles MOD APK Crack Pro Latest Full Version Download

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Chess King (Learn Tactics & Solve Puzzles) is an Android application that play a role support your play a role in unnamed life. easy way, just download Chess King (Learn Tactics & Solve Puzzles) MOD supplementary Version later install this application later you can use it.

Chess King (Learn Tactics & Solve Puzzles) MOD APK Crack Pro Full Version

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Chess King Learn Tactics Solve Puzzles MOD APK Crack Pro Latest Full Version Download

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Chess King (Learn Tactics & Solve Puzzles) Cracked New Version Download

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Chess King (Learn Tactics & Solve Puzzles) MOD APK Pro New Version Download

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Chess King Learn ( is a unique collection of chess education courses. It includes courses in tactics, strategy, openings, middlegame, and endgame, split by levels from beginners to experienced players, and even professional players.

With the help of this program, you can improve your chess knowledge, learn new tactical tricks and combinations, and consolidate the acquired knowledge into practice.

The program acts as a coach who gives tasks to solve and helps to solve them if you get stuck. It will give you hints, explanations and show you even striking refutation of the mistakes you might make.

Some courses contain a theoretical section, which explains the methods of the game in a certain stage of the game, based on actual examples. The theory is presented in an interactive way, which means you can not only read the text of the lessons, but also to make moves on the board and work out unclear moves on the board.

Advantages of the program:
♔ High quality examples, all double-checked for correctness
♔ You need to enter all key moves, required by the teacher
♔ Different levels of complexity of the tasks
♔ Various goals, which need to be reached in the problems
♔ The program gives hint if an error is made
♔ For typical mistaken moves, the refutation is shown
♔ You can play out any position of the tasks against the computer
♔ Interactive theoretical lessons
♔ Structured table of contents
♔ The program monitors the change in the rating (ELO) of the player during the learning process
♔ Test mode with flexible settings
♔ Possibility to bookmark favorite exercises
♔ The application is adapted to the bigger screen of a tablet
♔ The application does not require an internet connection
♔ You can link the app to a free Chess King account and solve one course from several devices on Android, iOS and Web at the same time
♔ In the app, courses are divided by themes and levels, so you can choose a most suitable course

Each course includes a free part, in which you can test the program and exercises. Lessons offered in the free version are fully functional. They allow you to test the application in real world conditions before purchasing a full version. Each course should be bought separately, but you can buy a subscription which gives you an access to all courses for a limited time.

You can study the following courses in the app:
♔ Learn Chess: From Beginner to Club Player
♔ Chess Strategy & Tactics
♔ Chess Tactics Art (1400-1800 ELO)
♔ Bobby Fischer
♔ Manual of Chess Combinations
♔ Chess Tactics for Beginners
♔ Advanced Defense (Chess Puzzles)
♔ Chess Strategy (1800-2400)
♔ Total Chess Endgames (1600-2400 ELO)
♔ CT-ART. Chess Mate Theory
♔ Chess Middlegame
♔ CT-ART 4.0 (Chess Tactics 1200-2400 ELO)
♔ Mate in 1, 2, 3-4
♔ Elementary Chess Tactics
♔ Chess Opening Blunders
♔ Chess Endings for Beginners
♔ Chess Opening Lab (1400-2000)
♔ Chess Endgame Studies
♔ Capturing Pieces
♔ Sergey Karjakin – Elite Chess Player
♔ Chess Tactics in Sicilian Defense
♔ Chess Tactics in French Defense
♔ Chess Tactics in Caro-Kann Defense
♔ Chess Tactics in Grünfeld Defense
♔ Chess School for Beginners
♔ Chess Tactics in Scandinavian Defense
♔ Mikhail Tal
♔ Simple Defense
♔ Magnus Carlsen – Chess Champion
♔ Chess Tactics in King’s Indian Defense
♔ Chess Tactics in Open Games
♔ Chess Tactics in Slav Defense
♔ Chess Tactics in Volga Gambit
♔ Garry Kasparov
♔ Viswanathan Anand
♔ Vladimir Kramnik
♔ Alexander Alekhine
♔ Mikhail Botvinnik
♔ Emanuel Lasker
♔ Jose Raul Capablanca
♔ Encyclopedia Chess Combinations Informant
♔ Wilhelm Steinitz
♔ Universal Chess Opening: 1. d4 2. Nf3 3. e3
♔ Manual of Chess Strategy
♔ Chess: A Positional Opening Repertoire
♔ Chess: An Aggressive Opening Repertoire
* Improved app design, made it more fresh. Feel free to leave your comments for the future updates!
* Added Analysis mode to the main menu.
* Added multivariate analysis support. UCI engines are supported too!
* Added ability to continue previous engine or local game.
* Added Auto Invert option in local game.
* Added One Tap sign in.
* Various fixes and improvements.

Chess King (Learn Tactics & Solve Puzzles) MOD APK Pro New Version Download

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