Binaural Beats Meditation MOD APK Crack Premium Latest Full Version Free Download

Binaural Beats Meditation MOD APK Crack Premium Latest Full Version Free Download

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Binaural Beats Meditation MOD APK Crack Pro Full Version

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Binaural Beats Meditation MOD APK Crack Premium Latest Full Version Free Download

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Binaural Beats Meditation Cracked Latest Version Free Download

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Binaural Beats Meditation MOD APK Pro Latest Version Free Download

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Activate your brain by binaural beats meditation according to what you need to do ore perform.
this application includes 11 binaural beats frequencies of your selection :
* alpha waves – relaxation while awake , pre-sleep and pre-wake.
* beta waves – active , busy or anxious thinking , active concentration and cognition.
* gamma waves – higher mental activity , perception , problem solving , fear release.
* theta waves – dreams , deep meditation , REM sleep.
* delta waves – deep dreamless sleep , loss of body awareness.

Relaxation sounds of a nature in background :

1) rain relaxation
2) river relaxation
3) forest relaxation
4) jungle relaxation
5) ocean relaxation
6) fire relaxation

The combination of binaural brain waves with nature sounds has anti stress and relaxing effect.

what are binaural beats ?

Binaural beats occur when we hear two different frequencies, one in each ear. A binaural beat is defined as the difference between the two pitches. When you hear a 200Hz sound in one ear and a 190Hz sound in the other, you’ll hear a 10Hz binaural beat ( 200 – 190 = 10).

Binaural beats are auditory artifacts. In our example above, there is no 10Hz sound yet we “hear” one anyway. You must use headphones to have stereo separation. Speakers won’t work, you have to use stereo headphones or ear buds.

Why listen to binaural beats? Because they can increase specific brainwave frequencies as our brain mimics the frequencies we hear within the binaural beat. Let’s say you want to increase your alpha brainwaves. Listen to a binaural beat in the alpha range (8-12 Hz). This phenomena is called entrainment or frequency-following response.

Binaural Beats Meditation MOD APK Pro Latest Version Free Download

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