家族アルバム wellnote 子供の写真や動画を整理、共有 MOD APK Crack Pro New Full Version Download

wellnote MOD APK Crack Pro New Full Version Download

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家族アルバム wellnote 子供の写真や動画を整理、共有 MOD APK Crack Pro Full Version

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wellnote MOD APK Crack Pro New Full Version Download

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家族アルバム wellnote 子供の写真や動画を整理、共有 Cracked Latest Version Free Download

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家族アルバム wellnote 子供の写真や動画を整理、共有 MOD APK Pro Latest Version Free Download

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◆ wellnote(ウェルノート)3つのポイント ◆





◆ wellnote(ウェルノート)機能一覧 ◆

① 無料・容量無制限で写真や動画を家族で共有できる!

② 世界に1つだけの我が子のオリジナルスタンプを簡単に作れる。

③ 写真を選ぶだけで簡単に作れるおしゃれなフォトカレンダー
こどもの顔つきは毎月ちょっとずつ変わるもの。その成長の軌跡を、毎月フォトカレンダーとして簡単に贈れます。 wellnoteのフォトカレンダーは「お手軽に贈りたい」方から「しっかりと成長記録として贈りたい」方まで満足いただける、3つのカレンダータイプを用意。毎月おすすめのイラストデザインを提案します。投稿された写真から自動でフォトカレンダーを作成、提案します。

④ 子供の成長をカレンダー形式で振り返れる便利な自動アルバム

⑤ 投稿した写真をつかって、フォトブックも簡単作成!

⑥ 家族限定で気兼ねなく。わかりやすいボタン表示でだれでも簡単に共有できる!

⑦ 安心して大切な写真や動画を保存。スマホの容量も気にしない。急な機種変更にだって慌てない!

⑧ スマホを持っていないおじいちゃん・おばあちゃんも嬉しい!

◆ こんな方にお勧めです! ◆

[10th anniversary of being familiar with the family! ]
wellnote is a “Family Memories Album” app that allows you to leave photos and videos free and unlimited .

◆ 3 points of wellnote ◆

① You can create an original stamp that will make your family talk lively.
Simply put your child’s photo in a cute frame and easily create a “children’s stamp” for free!
You can easily share the completed stamp not only on wellnote but also on LINE and Instagram.

② By creating multiple groups, you can switch families and post
Because it is possible to divide the family group by “only couple” or “mama’s parents’house” and “dad’s parents’ house”
You can share your precious memories naturally without worrying about it.

③ You can participate in a parent-child maternity photo session by a professional photographer once every six months
Free invitation to “parent-child maternity photo session” held at public halls nationwide.
You can receive the photos you have taken as data directly from the wellnote app.

In addition, there are many useful functions such as “Browse from PC browser”, “Growth record” and “Original photo calendar (free for the first month)” !
Please try wellnote, which is also introduced in Akachan Honpo.

◆ Wellnote function list ◆

① You can share photos and videos with your family for free and with unlimited capacity!
Share your child’s photos and videos taken with your camera or smartphone in real time with your family! Of course it’s free. Unlimited capacity. From the moment you are born, you can automatically organize the appearance of children who are growing steadily. You can record and save it forever.

② You can easily make only one original stamp for your child in the world.
A child stamp is completed just by putting a picture of your child in a cute and fashionable frame. You can post the stamp you made on “wellnote”, and the stamp of the photo of your cute child will make the whole family happy! Talks with moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas are lively. You can also use it on LINE and easily post and share it on Instagram.

③ A stylish photo calendar that you can easily make just by selecting a photo
Children’s faces change little by little every month. You can easily present the trajectory of that growth as a monthly photo calendar. Wellnote’s photo calendar is available in three calendar types that will satisfy everyone from those who want to give it easily to those who want to give it as a solid growth record. We propose recommended illustration designs every month. We will automatically create and propose a photo calendar from the posted photos.

④ A convenient automatic album that allows you to look back on your child’s growth in a calendar format
Every time you turn the page, you can look back on the monthly growth of your child. At the moment, I was surprised at the growth of my child. If you open the album, you can always look back on the growth of such a child with photos and videos. Posted photos and videos are automatically organized in the album in order of shooting date and displayed on the calendar. No hassle! If you save the baby / infant and the daily growth after that from the echo photo, it will be the only treasure in the world.

⑤ Create a photo book easily using the posted photos!
You can create a photo book with a simple operation from the wellnote app. With Fujifilm’s high-quality photo books, turning pages will bring back memories of your family in vivid colors. Not only for everyday use, but also for anniversaries and family gifts.

⑥ Don’t hesitate to limit yourself to your family. Easy-to-understand button display allows anyone to easily share!
Rest assured that only the invited family members can see the photos and videos. Moreover, there is also a function to divide groups into “only couples”, “mom’s parents’house” and “dad’s parents’ house”. You can share and leave important memories of your family naturally without being more careful.

⑦ Save important photos and videos with peace of mind. I don’t care about the capacity of my smartphone. Don’t panic even for sudden model changes!
Suddenly my smartphone broke! I lost my smartphone! Data migration when changing models is troublesome! Even in such a case, if you register your e-mail address, you can log in and use it from other terminals. You can restore your important photos and videos by downloading from wellnote. You can also use wellnote to save space by deleting photos and videos on your smartphone. Look back on your precious children’s photos and videos from any device at any time with peace of mind!

⑧ Grandpas and grandmas who don’t have smartphones are also happy!
With the browser version of wellnote, even grandpas and grandmas who cannot use smartphone apps can view and post photos and videos! You can also use the browser version to post photos and videos saved on your PC.

◆ Recommended for people like this! ◆

・ I want to share cute photos and funny movies of children safely and easily using family SNS limited to families!
・ I want to send photos and videos of my children as a filial piety to my parents who live far away!
・ I want to pick up my favorites from the photos and videos of my child on my smartphone and save or organize them in my family album as important memories!
・ I want to keep a childcare diary and growth record along with photos and videos and share them with my family!
・ I want to keep the echo photos and video records of the maternity period together with the postpartum photos!
・ I want to look back on the record of conversations with my family while raising children, along with pictures of my child since I was a baby!
・ I want to enjoy the baby’s facial expressions that change every day, the first yes, yes, and the moment with my family!
・ I want to organize and manage photos for creating a photo book.
・ I want to easily keep a record of child-rearing from pregnancy to childbirth, newborns, babies, and infants like a diary.



不具合、お問い合わせなどは、[email protected]にメールでご連絡いただくか、wellnoteアプリ内の「設定」にある「不具合報告・ご要望」からいただければ幸いです。個別で対応させていただきます。
引き続き、ユーザの皆様からの声を反映して、どんどん改善を行って参りますので、家族だけのSNS ウェルノートをどうぞよろしくお願いいたします!また、レビューで応援メッセージを書いていただけますと、スタッフ一同、大変励みになります!

家族アルバム wellnote 子供の写真や動画を整理、共有 MOD APK Pro Latest Version Free Download

The Bing Play store no further represents next mess to iOS. More than 1 million apps are available for you to get on your Android system, covering sets from productivity boosters to apps that turn your phone in to a lightweight entertainment studio.

With therefore many apps to kind through, locating which ones deserve a spot on your Android phone can be a challenge. That is where we come in. We have gone through Bing Play to locate prime Android apps across a wide variety of categories. Whether you wish to fill up a new Android phone with apps or simply try out something new like a productivity software, exercise system or web browser, read the best Android apps you may have overlooked. (And if you’re trying to find prime first-person photographers, puzzlers and arcade-style throwbacks, have a look at our picks for the best Android games.

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: 家族アルバム wellnote 子供の写真や動画を整理、共有




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: Parenting


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